What we do?

A technology-enabled sales outsourcing solution that generates revenue faster at lower cost to your company. Techsho helps with dedicated teams of experts that integrate into your company's ecosystem to provide solutions in the fields of Sales, Customer Success, Software Development and more. We help companies to scale their operations with lead generation, outbound prospecting, digital marketing, inbound support, and more. Techsho's team of talented sales engineers and SDRs will analyze your business and work with you to create a custom sales outsourcing solution focused on your business' current pain. Our services are designed to accelerate your growth and get more paying customers.


Customer Success

At Techsho, we understand that a strong customer success and support team is essential to the success of any

Cyber Security Training

Assisting startups, SMBs & large organizations with focused Cyber Security Awareness Training courses.  What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?


Our Account Executives are experts when it comes to upgrade client acquisition strategy. We contribute to your sales' targets

UX / UI Design

Our UI/UX designers delights aesthetically and with effectiveness, focusing on visual/layout design, wireframe and prototype, user research, creativity and

Web Development

Our web development solution help create all types of web-based software and apps, ensuring great experience for users.

Digital Marketing

Our talented team helps your company with digital marketing strategies, from branding, marketing plan, social media management, paid media,

Why Techsho?

Reduce Risks

With us, you shift part of the business risk in key sectors to a specialized external provider. It also reduces risk by avoiding upfront investments in infrastructure, HR or technology, which increases the capacity of businesses to allocate resources to improvements and newer projects.

Reduce Costs

You save costs by hiring a dedicated offshore team of talented professionals in a hybrid working model that suit your company's short-term and long-term needs.

Increase Quality and Productivity

We are a SaaS company with several products under development, we understand the essentials of the SaaS, PaaS and tech space in general.

No Headaches

Save time and focus primarily on your core business, increasing your market competitiveness, revenue, flexibility and access to the latest technologies.