Why Techsho is the #1 BPO in Brazil?

Unleashing the Power of Sales

A technology-enabled sales outsourcing solution that generates revenue faster at lower cost to your company.

Techsho helps with dedicated teams of experts that integrate into your company’s ecosystem to provide solutions to Sales Development, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Customer Service.


Why us?

Risk Reduction

Our experienced teams mitigates the risks associated with outsourcing these critical functions. Our expertise and professionalism ensure that your business is in safe hands.

Cost Reduction

Your company can save on hiring, training, and infrastructure costs. Our flexible pricing allows you to reduce overheads and increase your profit margins.

More Productivity

We are trained to deliver high-quality customer service and sales performance. By delegating these functions to us, your business can focus on core tasks.

Lead Generation

BDR/SDR teams at Techsho support your internal teams by doing the grunt work, top of the funnel lead research and qualification based on the client’s ideal customer profile.

Appointment Setting

We reach out to decision-makers, creating and launching outbound marketing campaigns, and ultimately introducing qualified leads to the sales team.

Customer Service

We provide Customer Support teams that helps you improve your company’s CX and reputation.

Translation and Localization

Expand your business to international lands with a dedicated multilingual team.

Sales On Autopilot

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Techsho’s team of talented sales engineers and SDRs will analyze your business and work with you to create a custom sales outsourcing solution focused on your business’ current pain.

Our services are designed to accelerate your growth and get more paying customers.

Ready to start getting clients?

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