Customer Profiles: Easy Simplified Guide

Each person has a different way of organizing ideas and processing information. When we are talking about selling, it is necessary to take these differences in order for the SDR (Sales Development Representative) to identify the customer’s profile.

Remember that every salesperson needs to understand the customer’s behavioral profile and use the arguments in a way that the customer understands the importance of your service or product, feeling comfortable and confident in closing the deal. Let’s dive into the 6 main profiles that you may encounter as a SDR:

  • The “nice guy” – At first, this customer’s type makes you believe that they will buy your product right away. They show sympathy and give the impression that they’re very interested in your product. Many SDR are wrong because they think that the negotiation will be easy, and immediately direct the sale closure, without having identified the needs and presented the solution. Therefore, be careful and take advantage of every opening to be in the same tune with them and then be able to lead to the deal closure.
  • Analytical – This is the profile of the customer who likes to know everything in detail. Therefore, it is important that you master all the subjects related to your product or service. One of the main characteristics of this consumer is insecurity. As a strategy, prove to them the information you are presenting. Show testimonials, numbers, and even some success cases.
  • Impulsive – You need to keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground at every stage of selling to this type of customer. After all, they tend to make quick decisions, either to accept or reject your product. So be alert and ready to overcome any objections and focus on closing the sale before they change their minds again.
  • Indifferent – Do you know any customer who demonstrates indifference, not showing any reaction, either positive or negative? To change this scenario and make them interested, try to instigate and make them express their opinions. This way, you will be able to better interact with them by identifying their tastes, desires, and the real needs that your service/product can provide.
  • Well-informed – This is the type of person who knows a lot about the subjects related to your product. They have a personality that does not tolerate being “lied to”. Direct and objective, they want to know in practice the advantages, benefits, and differentials of your product. You will be able to talk to them demonstrating that you have a high level of knowledge about what you are presenting.
  • The uncertain – This person is always in doubt when it comes time to make a decision. When the moment comes to close the sale, they usually ask you to come back another day, saying that they need to think a little more. However, try to transmit tranquillity and security, presenting an exclusive offer for that moment.

Remember: Learning about the main types of customer profiles can help you choose the best way to present your service/product through the sales pitch. See you in the next post!