How do I close sales?

You have gone through all funnel stages with your customer, prospected, and passed on a lot of information about the your company and service. But now it is time to close the sale. This is the last step in the sales process, before your customer makes the final decision. In this post, we will teach you that a way to increase success in converting your negotiations is to master sales closing techniques.

Each customer has their own personality, habits, and characteristics that make them unique. Therefore, there is no magic formula that applies to all customers when it comes to closing a sale. But don’t worry, we have separated here some of the most used tips by SDRs and salespeople that will help you a lot to be prepared for the moment of truth in a more fluid and assertive way.

So, let’s close? Pay attention to the customer’s buying signals!

The closing time is a crucial moment within the sales pitch process, as this step can determine the success of the deal or rejection by the customer. Thus, you don’t want all your efforts to sell your product to be in vain.

After all, if you want to know if the lead is interested in your product, just study his behavior. Pay attention to some actions (not necessarily physically present) during the conversation and keep a note on the language and how he interacts with you. Check out some signs that will help you ace the sales closing techniques.

  • Body/Speech language – You may have heard that the body speaks, and it is not necessarily related to the physical body itself. If you noticed that the customer interacts with questions, makes positive nods, and gives you a friendly vibe, you can be more confident because it is an indication that they will accept the product.
  • Tell their own experiences – Everyone has probably heard of or worked with a service, or even a product, similar to the one you are presenting. If the customer starts making comparisons with other brands, for example, or questions your product, don’t worry because this is a positive reaction. This moment is a great opportunity for you to present differentiators and rebut objections.
  • They’re curious – When the customer asks questions and puts your service/product up against the wall, it may indicate that they’re interested. But they’re not yet convinced. To make this situation favorable for you, take the opportunity to present scenarios, explain a little more about advantages, and ask if they have any more questions.
  • Agrees with you – If during the negotiation your customer responds with positive statements that show they agree with all your notes, you can be alert and excited because your sale can be successfully closed at any time.

It is good to remind you that the sales negotiation process is a mutual exchange between you and your customer. Let’s pretend that the sale is a dance, and you are responsible for leading the steps. Although the customer makes objections, you are the one who will guide the steps. Therefore, be aware of your characteristics and skills because they will make all the difference when it comes time to lead the sale closure.

What now? How to successfully close sales?

Check below some techniques most used by successful salespeople and increase your conversion rate with these phrases to close a sale.

  • The one and only opportunity – In this strategy, the SDR or Sales Associate makes the customer understand that this is a unique and unmissable opportunity. This attitude is a way to put pressure on your customer and make him feel a certain urgency in acquiring the service or product. You can use something like: “As soon as we finalize the sale, we can activate your account to use all the benefits”.
  • Take over the sale – The SDR or Sales Associate gives a summary, going over the main points such as values, deadlines, highlighting mainly the benefits. Make sure you clear the terms and the advantages they’re receiving.
  • Exclusive advantage – Always leave a card up your sleeve. Most customers always want something extra. Be it a lower price than what you are offering or some extra time for payment. Knowing this, always leave something to surprise your customer, showing it as if you were making an exception. If the customer questions the price, for example, give them an advantage but make sure to mention it is only for them.
  • Right questions – Asking your customer if they want to buy your product? A big NO! Ask questions where the answers always lead to successfully closing the sale. This way, naturally, the customer will answer something that will complete the sale.
  • Suggestion – Many people are uncertain and feel insecure about making decisions. You can help your customer to say YES. Take this opportunity to use a sales closing technique that induces the customer to accept the proposal according to their needs.

The sales environment is an increasingly competitive world, and to stand out you need to be constantly improving. However, with time and experience in sales, you will increase your knowledge and improve the techniques – being able to choose the one that best fits that particular customer profile.

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