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If you work in the sales field you know that, unfortunately, having an inbound/outbound structure that generates lots of leads is not enough, unless you have an efficient procedure to convert them into clients.

We call this quantity illusion “vanity metrics”. The reason is simple: Attracting prospects that generates costs but does not bring return on investment (ROI) – converting leads into customers! – is not worth it. Therefore, there is no metric above the lead conversion rate.

Below in this article, we will share a technique used by experts SDRs in B2B SaaS Sales.

Converting leads into clients

Converting leads into customers is the act of pulling the lead along the sales funnel. To speed up this process, use sales techniques to get people to actually buy your solution (more tips here).

The conversion rate is the metric that should be observed to verify the efficiency of your sales pipeline. It should be measured along the funnel, to see how many “curious” convert into “interested”, then into “engaged”, and finally into “buyers”. Lead-to-customer conversion expert Peep Laja defines a good conversion rate in the following words:

“A good conversion rate is better than the one you had last month.”

Let’s check the statistics to get a concrete conclusion:

  • The conversion rate of leads into customers without deep qualification strategies is approximately 10%. For warm and qualified leads with outbound the rate increases to between 30% and 70%.
  • In cases of business referrals the chances of closing can reach from 50% to an incredible 80%. Hence the importance of investing in the quality of your process from the top to the bottom of the customer journey. After all, a promoting customer can refer new hot leads.

It is worth revamping your procedures and adapting in order to improve your customer attraction.

Here at Techsho we use some techniques to improve conversion and build the best sales funnel:

We align both Sales and Marketing sectors to obtain better results. For this, we have our Pre-sales team; which is responsible for active prospecting and also for the deep lead qualification that were passively generated.

Our Pre-sales people are able to “hunt” new leads, make a deep qualification to find opportunities and segment them according to their maturity. Thus they guarantee that each lead gets the appropriate destination. The ones with higher conversion probability reach the Sales team, and the cold leads return to Marketing for nurturing. With this hack, we reduce the customer acquisition cost (CAC) and selling time.

Now tell us, what is the biggest challenge in your SaaS business that lead to poor customer conversions? Our strategies can get you more customers faster, for a lower cost!

About us:

Techsho is a B2B sales outsourcing company that provides qualified lead generation, demand generation, sales and business development solutions for companies in US, Europe and Asia. Techsho helps businesses grow their revenue and increase productivity by bringing in experienced and handpicked SDRs/BDRs, training them by your company’s playbook and monitoring their performance. Let’s talk about your project and goals? Click to schedule a quick call.

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