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Lead Research & Qualification

Business Development Teams

BDR teams at Techsho support your internal teams by doing the grunt work, top of the funnel lead research and qualification based on the client’s ideal customer profile.

We’ll help you develop a sales strategy or operate based on your teams’ requirements and also help with demo-ing and closing.

Why Choose Us To Scale Your Sales?

  • Use of leading-edge tools to ensure the highest level of quality.
  • Teams work like any directly hired employee with transparency.
  • Live in 2 weeks after onboarding, ICP Identification and sign-up.
  • Experienced management to help you get the most out teams.
  • Highly qualified and bilingual support also available.

It’s estimated that as much as 80% of leads are never qualified at all, which means that 80% of your efforts in generating leads are wasted. The good news is that by qualifying leads, you can improve sales performance by at least 20-30%.

  • Improved Sales Strategy
  • Higher Quality Leads for Your Sales Team
  • Transparent Outbound and Inbound Leads
  • Targeted Marketing Campaign
  • Efficient Sales Practices
  • Key to Increased Profitability